YouTube Livestream Updates You NEED to Know For 2022!

YouTube Livestream Updates You NEED to Know For 2022!

Here's an overview of the recent updates to YouTube's live-streaming features and our outlook on YouTube's recently announced priorities for 2022.

1. YouTube Signing Creators to Exclusive Deals
It seems YouTube has put their resources towards pursuing talent, after their recent signings of large creators Valkyrae and Ludwig. This looks like their attempt to compete with the likes of Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

2. Collaborative Livestreaming
YouTube looks like they are trying to compete with 3rd-party services like StreamYard and Restream, by adding a feature that will allow you to invite someone to your YouTube livestream. This gives creators the potential to have their audience introduced to an entirely new audience.

3. Gifted Channel Members
Viewers of a livestream can now gift channel memberships to other viewers. This can potentially be used as an incentive to watch a livestream through the form of a channel membership "giveaway".

4. Set Channel Guidelines
Creators are now able to set a list of rules/guidelines to abide to when new & current subscribers come across their livestreams.

5. Creating Clips from Livestreams
Creators have the ability to clip 5-60 seconds snippets from their YouTube livestreams that can easily be cut and shared. These clips appear alongside a livestream once they are made. Both creators and viewers can create these clips to share.

6. Creating Highlights & Stream Markers
In order to improve post-production, creators can create stream markers during and after a livestream to indicate "highlights" or key moments in a stream. These highlights can then be uploaded directly from your YouTube studio dashboard.

7. Timed Comments (Beta)
When a viewer watch your video/livestream, they can now see comments that coincide with the part of the video they are currently watching.

8. Live Shopping
A select-few creators have access to a feature that allows them to pin/feature products in their livestream.

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