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Why Apollo and Other Third-Party Reddit Apps Are Shutting Down (Reddit API Change)

Why Apollo and Other Third-Party Reddit Apps Are Shutting Down (Reddit API Change)

Apollo's Decision to Shutdown due to Reddit API Cost Hike

Apollo, one of Reddit's most-used third-party applications, has decided to shut down following Reddit's announcement of a dramatic increase in API costs. Apollo's developer, Christian Selig, revealed that the app will cease its services on June 30.

Selig stated that the exorbitant API costs and tight timelines set by Reddit were insurmountable, even with users potentially paying for the API costs out of their own pockets​​.

Financial Repercussions for Apollo Following API Cost Change

The decision to close down Apollo carries substantial financial implications for the app. Apollo is expected to offer pro-rated refunds to its current users, which is estimated to cost the company around $250,000. Furthermore, yearly subscriptions to Apollo under the old API model, which was free, will suddenly start incurring large expenses​​.

Reddit CEO Huffman Defends Increase in API Prices

Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman publicly defended the controversial API price changes in an "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) discussion. Huffman argued that these changes align with Reddit's objective to become a financially self-sustaining entity and acknowledged the challenges posed by the short notice period for the API cost changes. Despite the strong backlash from the developer community and users, Huffman confirmed that there would be no revisions to the proposed API changes​.

Reddit Community Protests and Backlash Against API Price Hike

The API price increase has sparked wide-scale protests across the Reddit community. Nearly 1,500 subreddits plan to "go dark" on June 12 as a demonstration of solidarity with Apollo and other third-party apps affected by the price change. The AMA discussion involving Huffman also triggered significant backlash, particularly regarding his interaction with Selig, Apollo's developer. Many Reddit users rallied in support of Selig during this heated debate​​.

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