Scheduling Instagram Stories: Instagram Content Publishing API

Scheduling Instagram Stories: Instagram Content Publishing API

Social media has become an integral part of every business's marketing strategy, and Instagram, with its staggering user base, is certainly no exception. Instagram Stories, in particular, have gained massive popularity, providing a unique and interactive way to engage with audiences. Recognizing this, Instagram has finally gave developers the ability to allow users to schedule their stories in advance, a feature that businesses and content creators have long awaited.

The Content Publishing API

This exciting update is made possible through the Instagram Graph API. Instagram has expanded the capabilities of the Content Publishing API to include Stories as an eligible media type. This means that businesses, through third-party developers, can now publish Stories to Instagram, adding another dimension to their social media strategy.

Prior to this update, the Instagram Graph API allowed Instagram Business accounts to publish up to 25 single images, videos, reels, or carousel posts per day using third-party developer platforms. With the inclusion of Stories, businesses now have the ability to better plan and coordinate their content across different post types.

How to Access the New Feature

The good news is that this enhancement is available for the current version, v16.0, and all previous versions of the Graph API. This seamless integration means that there are no new endpoints or permissions, and Stories will automatically become available for developers who already have access to the Content Publishing API.

Developers will not have to go through additional App Review, as long as their apps have already been approved for the appropriate permission access levels. This straightforward approach is designed to make the transition as easy as possible, eliminating unnecessary delays and additional technicalities.

Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Stories

This new feature brings multiple benefits, especially for businesses and content creators. The ability to schedule Stories in advance allows for better planning and coordination of content, ensuring that posts are timed for maximum engagement. It also means that businesses can maintain a consistent presence on Instagram without having to manually post content every day.

Moreover, third-party developers who provide social media management tools can also extend this feature to their users, further improving their product offering and providing an additional service to their customers.

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I am creating my own workflow for post scheduling can you point me to the end point where can i find the best time to publish the post?

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